Suggested Reading List.

Here are a list of books that I recommend to help you along with your own paranormal research. 

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  1. Cardoso, Anabela. Electronic Voices: Contact with another Dimension? O Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 2010

  2. MacRae, Alexander. EVP and New Dimensions. Lightning Source Inc, La Vergne, TN, 2004.

  3. Senkowski, Ernst. Instrumentelle Transkommunikation. Rita G. Fischer, Germany, 1989. (4th Edition, 2002)

  4. Sherman, Harold. The Dead are Alive: They Can and Do Communicate with You. Fawcett, New York, NY, 1993.

  5. ​​Alsop, Samuel C.R., Whispers of Immortality, Electronic Voices and Images from the Dead. Regency Press, London, 1989.

  6.  Rogo, D. Scott. In Search of the Unknown. Taplinger Publishing Company, New York, NY, 1976.

  7. Welch, William. Talks with the Dead. Pinnacle Books, New York, NY, 1975.

  8.  Bander, Peter. Voices from the Tapes: Recordings from the Other World. Drake Publishers, New York, NY, 1973.

  9.  Raudive, Konstantin. Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead. Taplinger Publishing Company, New York, NY, 1971.

  10. Jürgenson, Friedrich. The Voices from Space. 1964.

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